Arrow fee schedule

Our goal is to help you FIND and KEEP a good helper. Hiring a good helper is not difficult. KEEPING a good helper is the challenge.  At Arrow we provide the services you need to find and KEEP a good helper. We want to  provide you and your helper with great service and support AND  obey the laws of HK and the Philippines that stipulate that agencies may not charge agency fees to the helpers. Arrow and our partner MRH carefully follow these laws.  Because of this:

  • We attract many high quality applicants. The news about Arrow has spread across the Filipino world (we were even featured on the 700 Club on Philippines TV.)
  • Arrow ladies rarely back out. Other agencies experience ladies backing out ALL the time, because they can't come up with their exorbitant agency fees.
  • Arrow applicants don't start out with a huge debt burden. This enables them to serve you with joy because their family and NOT a loan shark is benefiting from their salary.  

You get a better selection of applicants to choose from and the support needed to retain a valuable employee.   You can find our service packages and fee schedule here.