Greceous D. Mercado

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Greceous Mercado is a 27 y.o. married mother of a 4 y.o. son. Her parents will take care of her son while she is in HK. Her husband works as a waiter.

She has completed a 2-year vocational course in electronics and speaks English well. 

1/26/2015 - 06/14/2017: She worked in Bahrain as a domestic helper for a working couple with 3 kids: 5 y.o. b; 3 y.o. girl. One month after she arrived the madam gave birth to a baby boy. Her duties focused on childcare. She prepared the children's breakfast, got them ready for school and off to school. She had a companion who shared the workload. The other helper did childcare and Greceous did most of the housework, but she also did a lot of infant care while the other helper was with the older children. She finished the contract and extended 5 months so the employer could get a new lady on board.

12-2011 - 11-2012: She worked in Abu Dhabi as a cleaner for hotel rooms. The company she worked for had some problems because they lost some of the contracts they had with hotels.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend
Pets: ok
Newborn: Bahrain, and her own son