Catherine Rosete

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Catherine Rosete is 38 years old single mother with 2 daughters aged 17, 14. Catherine wants to work in HK for the future of her kids, especially to pay for university. Her parents will take care of her kids while she is away.

She is high school graduate and speaks English well.

Sep 2016 - present: She is a full-time housewife and mother. 

Nov 2015-  Sep 2016: She worked in Qatar for a single mother with 2 kids: 1 boy 1 girl, aged 3, 1.5 years old. They had 3 helpers. Her duties were mostly childcare. Her employer moved to the UK so they no longer needed helpers.

Nov 2012- Feb 2015 worked in Qatar for a couple with 3 daughters, aged 6, 5 and newborn bb. Grandparents also lived with them. The madam was a full-time housewife. They had 2 helpers. Her duties focused on doing the laundry and housework.  She took care of the one-month-old daughter when the madam was busy.

 Mar 2009- Mar 2011 she worked in Kuwait for a couple with a newborn baby. The madam was a full-time housewife.  They had 4 helpers. Her duties were: babysitter. Her mam took care of the baby at night after 10pm.

 Before 2009, Catherine full time took care of her children.
Rel:  Catholic
Ref: her friend
No pet care in HK
She  has 1 friend working in HK