Eden N. Laririt

Eden N. Laririt.jpg

Eden Liaririt is a 40 y.o. married mother of 4 sons: 9, 13, 10 8 y.o. She wants to work in HK to earn money for the studies of her children. Her husband is a farmer and will care the boys. 

She is a high school graduate and speaks average English.
11/02/2014 -  04/13/2017: she worked in Riyaad Saudi Arabia for a family of 7: couple with 5 kids: 15,13,9,3 & newborn baby. Her duties were to care for the 2 youngest children. She had an Indonesian companion who did most of the housework, laundry and cooking. She sometimes helped the Indonesian clean, but mainly focused on the babies. She finished her contract. 

Before going to Saudi Arabia she was a full time housewife and mother. Most of her bb and housekeeping experience comes from caring for her own children and family.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: sister in law in HK
Pets: ok
Newborn: Saudi and her own kids