Norie A. Vito

Norie Vito is a 36 y.o. married mother of 4 kids: 2 boys and 2 girls: 16,14, 11 and 7. Her sister will care for the children while she is overseas.

She is a High School Graduate and speaks average English.

From May 2014 - Dec 2016 she worked in SAUDI ARABIA for a family of 11: 7 adults, 3 college age kids, 8 y,o. grandson. The house had 3 living room, and 6 bedrooms. She finished the contract.  he was the only helper for this family. Her duties included housework, laundry, ironing, childcare, marketing and cooking.  

She is comfortable cooking Filipino Food, Middle Eastern Food

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend
Pets: ok
Newborn:  own child