Arlene S. Paigan

Arlene Paigan is a 42 y.o. married mother of 5 kids (ages 21-9 y.o.). She wants to work in HK to support the education of her children. Her husband and oldest daughter will care for the family while she is in HK.

She is a high school graduate and speaks English well.

Feb 2015-Mar 2017 She worked in Malaysia as a domestic helper for an Indian family of 4: father, mother and 2 girls: 18, 21. The sir was bedridden with rheumatoid arthritis. Her duties included caring for the Sir, doing the housework, laundry, ironing and cooking. She cared for the Sir, changing diapers, shower him with help of a friend, turned him every hour, massaged him, fed him etc. She finished her contract. She was the only helper for this family. She renewed her contract but the Sir passed away so they discontinued the processing.

Before going to Malaysia she worked as a janitor in Philippines for 3 years. 

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend
Pets: ok, cat
Newborn: her own children