Rinalyn Raymundo

Rinalyn Raymundo is 38 years old. She is married with 4 kids : 18, 14, 6, 4. 2 boys 2 girls
Her husband is a driver. She wants to work in HK for better future for her children. Her auntie and father will take care of the children if she will work in HK.

She is high school graduate and speaks English well.

2014-2017 full time took care of her children.

2014 she worked to Kuwait for 9 months in a family with a mother(blind, bedridden with diabetes and hypertension) and a son 48 years old. Her duties were taking care of the mother, e.g. give medicine, bath & feed her, change diaper, inject insulin, check blood sugar, blood pressure.They have another helper to do housework and cooking. She could not finish the work as the son attempted to rape her(but failed), she went to the embassy.

Sep 2013- Nov 2014 worked in HK for a 4 people family. She has to clean 2 houses, washing, cooking. The employer said they will hire another helper but they never did, so she broke her contract because her physical condition, and need to do operation. Now she is fully recovered.

2008-2013 full time take care of her children

 2006 -2008 worked in Qatar for a working couple and 3 children aged 15, 9, 6 years old and a grandpa who was blind,  cannot walk, diabetes. Rinalyn's duties were taking care of grandpa , e.g. feeding, bathing, change diaper, assist grandpa to go out with wheelchair, give insulin injection, check blood sugar level.

2004-2006 she worked as a factory worker

2002-2004 she worked as a sales agent .  

She feel confident in:
1 newborn care
2 child care
3 elderly care
4 car wash
5 housework
6 cooking

Religion: Christian
She is allergic to cat
Ref.: friend
She have 4 friends working in HK