Renalyn Tabian

Renalyn Tabian is a 34 y.o. married mother of 3 girls: 11 y.o. & 9 y.o. twins. Her husband is a farmer. She wants to work in HK to support her family, especially the children's education.

She completed 1 year vocational course in garments and speaks English well.

2/2015- 4/2017: She worked in Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper for a large extended family (12 people). There were 3 kids ( 17, 15,12)   Her daily duties were cooking  Arabic foods, cleaning, laundry,  and some baby care. She assisted in the care of her employer's granddaughter when they came to visit on weekends. She was the sole helper for this family.  She finished the contract and went back to Philippines.

Before Riyad , she was a seamstress for 4 yrs.  2010-2014.  She also was a house helper at her relatives house doing the cleaning. 

Most of her newborn experience comes from her own 3 kids and from caring for the granddaughter in Saudi.  

Rel: Methodist
Ref: friends in HK 1 yr and 6 months, sis in law for 18 yrs.
Newborn: own child and in Saudi