Maribel J. Jose

Maribel J. Jose  is 29 year old single mother of 2 kids: boy 7 y.o. & girl 1.5 y.o. She is 3/3 siblings. She wants to work in HK to earn money to support her parents, and save money for her future family.

She took 2 years college course BS in Nursing. She speaks English well.

Since 2010 she sells vegetables in a night market.

2008 she worked in a fast food store for 1 year as a  cook. 

2004-2007 she took care of her 3 nieces and nephews(they live together), 2 boys and 1 girl. One was 1 year old, the other 2 were 3 years. She fed them, bath them, changed diaper, changed clothes, played with them.

Religion: Catholic
Ref: walk in to MRH, She has one relative working in HK.
Pets: OK
Newborn: own kids

She feels confident in :
1. Housework
2. child care(1- 5 years old)
3. cooking and dog care(she pets a small dog at home)