Jean Bongabog

Jean Bongabog is 32  year old single mother  with 2 kids (g:  10  b: 12) She is 2/6 siblings.  She wants to work in HK to support her kids' education. Her grandparents will care for her kids when she comes to HK again. 

She is high school graduate and speaks above average English.

11/2014 -12/2016, she was a sales clerk.

5/2012-5/2014, she worked in  HK as a helper. There 2 adults, both working ,  and they have 1 kid ( 14 yr old). She did cleaning, cooking Chinese foods, laundry. She finished the contract and went back home to settle her family problem

Before HK, she was a local helper in Philippines since 19 years. She did the cleaning , laundry, marketing, cooking Filipino foods.

Rel: Christian
Pets: ok
Ref: friend in HK for 2 yrs or more.