Mary jane C. Costales

Mary Jane C. Costales is 33 year old single lady. ( 6 /7 siblings). She wants to work in HK to support her family's financial needs and for her own future. 

She is high school graduate and speaks average English.

She worked in Singapore for 6 years.

10/2008-10/2010, The first employer has 5 adults.  She did cooking Chinese food, house cleaning , laundry. She finished the contract and her employer no longer needed a helper.

11/2010-2/2013, The second employer were Thai-American family. They have  2 kids ( 18 and 15)  She did cooking Thai and western food , house cleaning. She finished her contract and employer no longer needed a helper as the kids are older.

12/2013-12/2014, The third employer was Malaysian family. They have 3 kids ( 18, 12,7) with 1 dog , a German Shepherd. She did cooking Chinese food , house cleaning, car washing ,pet care. The employer moved back to Malaysia so she was early released.

Since 2014, she stays at the Philippines running a small store. 

Before Singapore she was a factory worker for 4 years.

Rel: RC
Pets: ok
Ref:  friend in HK for 4 yrs