Annalyn Pascua

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper

Annylyn Pascua is 26 years old married (live in partner) mother with an 8 y.o. son. She is  1/ 5 siblings. Her partner is a tricycle driver. She wants to work to support her son's education. Her partner will care for her son when she comes to HK.

She took 1 year college course Business Administration. She speaks English well.

 2/2015- 4/2017:  she worked in Taiwan. There were 2 adults. Madam is stay home wife and 3 kids: 7,5,3 y.o. Her daily duties included childcare and all around work such as cleaning, laundry, car washing, simple cooking. She finished her contract and wants to apply to HK. She can only understand simple Mandarin. 

Before Taiwan, she worked at a caterer for 2 years.  

Rel: RC
Ref: aunt in Hk for 7 yrs
Newborn: Her newborn experience comes from her son. She took care for him until he was 3 years old.