Evelyn Lacusong

 Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper 

Evelyn Lacusong is a 32 y.o. widowed mother of a 1 y.o. son. Her sister in law will care for her son so that she can work overseas. She wants to work in HK to support her son. She is 2/2 siblings.

She is a high school graduate and speaks English well.

2/13/2013 - 04/16/2016: She worked in Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper for a working couple, their 8 y.o. son and grandmother. Her duties focused on housework, laundry, ironing, and cooking. She also took care of the child, getting him ready for school and caring for him after school.

Rel: Catholic
Ref: friend in HK
Pets: no
Newborn: her own child