Ma. Lourdes Dulay

Arrow Employment Services Domestic Helper 

Maria Lourdes Dulay is a 30 y.o. married mother of a 10 y.o. son. She is 12/12 siblings in her family. Her husband works as a messenger but the income is not enough for the family's needs so she wants to work in HK. Her mother-in-law and mother will care for her son. 

She completed a 2 yr course in Hotel Restaurant Management and speaks English well. 

01/31/2013-03/19/2017: She worked in Dubai for a couple with 4 kids: 5 ,3, 1  and newborn. The last 2 children were born while she was working for this family.   Her duties focused on caring for the youngest 3 children.  The family also had a Sri Lankan cook who did the kitchen work and ironing.   She finished the contract and went back to the Philippines.

Before Dubai:
She was a cashier  for 2 yrs and before that worked as a call center agent for 6 months.

Ref: friend in HK(arrow lady- Astrolabio)
Newborn: her own child, and Dubai