When I (Allan) first moved to Hong Kong I took my American driver's license into the government and they gave me a Hong Kong license. Not long afterwards I was given a ticket for parking in a prohibited zone. As I argued with the police officer he asked me "How is it you don't know what the symbol on this sign means? Didn't you go to driving school?" When I told him "no" he was amazed and gave me a 2nd chance.

When it comes to being an employer or more importantly a parent, we aren't required to attend any classes or take a test. If we need training to handle a car, how MUCH MORE should we get some training before hiring a helper or entering into the adventure of parenthood. At Arrow, we know our customers are good people, but that doesn't mean they will automatically be a good boss or a good parent. So we have designed some classes to help you. Click on any of the class links below to learn more about the course offerings. 

  1. Infant Care Workshop for helpers嬰兒護理實習班 21 Sep, 2015
  2. Common diseases and care, home safety for infants and children 嬰幼兒常見疾病、家居常見意外及護理 (英語教授)  21 Sep, 2015
  3.  Prenatal & postnatal Class產前產後護理班 2 October, 2015
  4. Breastfeeding Class母乳餵哺實習班  28 August, 2015
  5. English Orientation Class for New Employer, 2 October, 2015 2:30pm-4:30pm
  6. Orientation Class for new Employer 僱主裝備班 8 October 2015 2pm-4pm
  7. Orientation Class for new Employer 僱主裝備班 24 September 2015 7pm-9pm
  8. How to hire a helper如何聘請外傭班 15 October, 2015
  9. Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Class親親嬰兒按摩及瑜珈班 Private class, by appointment 
  10. Success(Taugumpay) Class菲傭成功適應班,  every Sunday, 0900-1030, Arrow Office     OR 
    every Saturday, 09:00-10:30, Arrow Office.

  11. Chinese cooking中菜班, weekday平日,by appointment only 敬請預約

My name is Grace, I am the employer of L*** – who came to your cooking class last Sunday.

Yesterday we tried the dish she learnt from you on Sunday, it was very good. I would like to know what will be the content and dates of the cooking classes coming up, and help her to register if they suit us.

Everyone loves good food, but not everyone cooks well. Arrow's Dina Wong will teach Chinese cooking on Sunday @ 2 p.m. at the Arrow Guest House.

*Each time Dina will teach 2-3 dishes.  Employers are welcome to write in the registration form what kind of food you want your helper to learn, e.g. fry egg with tomato, steam squash with pork rib.

Date:  Pending

Time: 2pm-4pm

Place: Boarding House, 1/F, 160 Temple street, Jordan. (Entrance is in Sai Kung Street)

Cost: $120 for 1 lessons (includes groceries and lunch. ).

Form of payment: Deposit or check



Please complete the form below & submit.


  •  make checks payable to “TRUSTWORTHY PARTNERS LTD”, or

  •  Direct Deposit/ transfer to BEA account 213-68-00243-1

  •  Direct Deposit/ transfer to HSBC account 098-355001-001


  • To register: call the office (2151-1125) or email Kathy( writing your name, your helper's name, which date you want your helper to attend, what kind of food you want your helper to learn, e.g. fry egg with tomato, steam squash with pork rib)


    If you direct deposit/transfer, please send us a copy of the receipt with your name, the date and name of the class you applied should  be written on it via email ( .