3 reasons to apply to Arrow

Why should I apply with Arrow? It's simple:

ARROW WORKS. Three out of four ladies who apply with Arrow find work in HK within 2 months. Because of our reputation for caring for both employers and employees we often have twice as many customers on our waiting list as we have ladies in training. If you are qualified, we'll help you find a job in Hong Kong.  

ARROW CARES! People who find work through Arrow are part of the Arrow family. Caring for people, whether employer or employee, is a calling for us. For the first two months after you begin work in Hong Kong, we will regularly call both you and your employer to see how things are working out. We understand that this is a complicated, cross-cultural job, so we provide support and coaching to help you succeed. If necessary, we will even sit down with you and your employer to help you resolve misunderstandings that occur in the course of your work.  If, for some reason, you lose your job, we will help you "recycle" and find a new employer, better suited for you. During the entire term of your contract, you can count on Arrow to help and serve you. You don't need to take our word for it though. If you have some friends or family working in Hong Kong, ask them to tell you about Arrow Employment Services. Hear are some reviews from Arrow ladies.

ZERO PLACEMENT: Most agencies in Manila and Hong Kong are still not following the zero placement fee law. Almost every week we meet Filipinos who tell us they just paid 60,000, 80,000 or 100,000 pesos to come and work in Hong Kong. At Arrow you pay HK$410 after your first month of work. That's it. 

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